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We are an all volunteer 501.c.3 focused on helping making safer places for pot belly pigs and a few other animals too. With the help of our volunteers, we organize fundraisers, and educate potential pig owners about the MINI PIG LIE. We are a pig sanctuary, however, we cannot take every pig someone has purchased but no longer fits in their life... DO YOUR RESEARCH! 

Is a pig right for your life?

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Have you just loved all animals your whole life? Are you passionate about what we're doing? Do you LOVE pigs? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help at the rescue, to help cleaning, help with transports to vet visits and adoptions, and socialize the new or frightened animals, pigs, cats, small farm animals...

We're excited to meet you and maybe have you join our team! Email us at Janice@windys.org

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Whether you help us rescue animals through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, we sincerely thank you. We could not accomplish any of our goals without the help of supporters like you. As you well know, animals have no voice to protect themselves from neglect or abuse, if you see something, please say something to an authority or you can always feel free to contact us. janice@windys.org


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It is very important to us that you know that 100% of your donation goes directly to the fund for the rescued pigs feed, shelter, and vet care. I am blessed to have a wonderful full time job, and will always be able to provide basic care for our core group of pets, but the seemingly unending calls for help, for animals left for dead, and those who are dumping innocent animals is truly financially overwhelming. Each animal requires an initial health wellness check up, 99% of the time, the pet requires sterilization, shots, and minor additional care such as nail trims, tusk trims, and treating skin conditions. We also work with pig owners who cannot afford medical care, to assist with vet bills, allowing the pet to stay in their home, which is always our goal. 

So, please rest assured, in the case of Windy's Ranch & Rescue... ANY help from you really does directly help a pet. We do not sensationalize sad stories and will never use an animal to get you to donate, what we do, every day and every night of the year speaks all you need to know about the needs of these rescued animals.

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Windy's Ranch & Rescue

Overton, Nevada

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Dogs just wanna have fun, without being head-butted!


Late winter 2017 at Windy's, thanks Randy!